We won! Huge thanks to Niki Sherrod, Shawn Patterson, The Lonely Island, Chris McKay, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Warner Bros. and everyone who helped along the way. We love being part of the team! 

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Hollywood Music In Media Awards – HITFIX

2014 HMMA Winners

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‘Everything Is Awesome!!!’ is nominated for Best Song in an Animated Film at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Shout out to co-writers Shawn Patterson and The Lonely Island!

Hollywood Music in Media Award Nominations

First off, we are the luckiest ducks to be involved with The Lego Movie and all the amazing people we’ve met and worked with along the way. Everything truly is awesome when you’re part of a team. Corny… we know. And we’re okay with it.

Back in the fall of 2012, the demo below, written and produced by Shawn Patterson was sent to us. Warner Bros. asked us to help make the song the best it could be, to which we replied, “Sounds like fun!” And it was!


We didn’t hear back from Warner Bros. for almost a year, but when we did, we were told they loved our re-write and production. Directors, Chris Miller and Phil Lord along with editor, Chris McKay, had been using our demo of the song as they were working on the movie and said it was the version they wanted! We said, “AWESOME!” Here is our demo.


We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to co-write & produce “Everything Is AWESOME!!!” and to be part of The Lego Movie team. Here is our final version of the song, produced by Bartholomew (Josh). It plays in the scene in The Lego Movie, The Lego Movie official trailers, TV spots and video games.


Huge thanks to Warner Bros., Niki Sherrod, Chris McKay, Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Shawn Patterson. We love being part of the team!

On March 8, 2014, Josh was presented with SOCAN‘s #1 Song Award for The Lego Movie theme song, “Everything Is AWESOME!!!” at Legoland California.

Huge thanks to Chad Richardson (SOCAN LA) for the custom award, made entirely out of Lego! To David Wood (SOCAN CFO) for flying in from Toronto for the ceremony, and to Legoland for hosting the event.

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SOCAN #1 Song Award

Jo Li

Cast Autographs

This made our day. Thanks Chris!

Look what we got! Click on the cover to see the booklet & liner notes. We’re so excited!

The Lego Movie Soundtrack

Great movie, great cast, great crew. Everything is awesome!

Phil Lord & Chris McKay

Phil Lord & Chris McKay

Warner Bros.

Cast & Crew

The Lego Movie Premiere

February 1, 2014

We had way too much fun at The Lego Movie premiere today. We are so proud to be a part of this movie.

Jo Li